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Iron & Wine

18th October 2017 - Wednesday 20:00

Iron and Wine, South Carolina’s sensational folk artist is bringing his signature sounds to the Moore Theater!

Iron and Wine is the stage name of singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, piano, percussion, harmonica, and bass) Samuel "Sam" Ervin Beam. Born in Chapin (South Carolina) in 1974, he chose his stage name Iron and Wine after coming across a dietary supplement named ‘Beef Iron and Wine’. His musical style is best described as a blend of folk, folk rock (a style that arose in the United States and the United Kingdom around the mid 1960s, pioneered by the Los Angeles band the Byrds, who began playing traditional folk music and songs by Bob Dylan with rock instrumentation, in a style heavily influenced by the Beatles and other British bands), and indie folk (a style that arose in the 1990s - among musicians from indie rock scenes influenced by folk music - and is characterized by a blend of acoustic guitar melodies of traditional folk music with contemporary instrumentation). He’s had a stellar career with 5 studio albums, 2 split albums (with Ben Bridwell and Jesca Hoop), 3 compilation albums, 3 live albums, 7 extended plays, and 10 singles. His music has also been featured in many films and TV shows.

Don't miss your chance to see this artist add a unique touch to folk, folk rock, and indie folk music!