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Lewis Black

20th January 2018 - Saturday 20:00

Lewis Black, Washington’s sensational and multi talented comedian is bringing his indelible comedy to the Moore Theater!

Lewis Niles Black was born in 1948 in Maryland and is a man of many talents. Besides comedy, he’s also renowned for being an author, playwright, social critic and actor. His comedic trademark are his angry facial expression, belligerence and his style is peppered with sarcasm, hyperbole, and profanity. Among others, he cites his influences as George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and his 2006 album (The Carnegie Hall Performance) got him a Grammy Award in the Best Comedy Album category.

Don’t miss your chance to see the artist who’s a playwright turned acerbic yet popular comedian and commentator! Click the button below to see Lewis Black on Saturday, January 20th!

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